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Why not freelancers?

There are many tasks for which a freelance business consultant is not probably the best choice. When an SME is going through a crisis its growth goal is quite intense that needs to be addressed by a team of experts. You need an organisation that can dedicate all its resources, time, and agents to save your company. A freelancer consultant’s network is quite small as compared to an organisation. Hence, they might introduce you to the wrong entities and risk your business relations. It’s hard to find a potential investor through a freelancer as nobody invests in believing personal recommendation. Plus an investor needs a direct mandate from business/seller to the M&A, this can make situations difficult in case you hire a freelancer. It costs a lot to hire a freelancer and it does not contribute much during processes like deal-making, documentation, and trust-building. Deal closure may get delayed from the freelancer’s end. Also, other procedures such as making an agreement, decide payment sharing can take longer than usual.

It becomes time-consuming because every procedure is taken care of by the freelancer single-handedly. However, to carry a successful merger or acquisition, you need expert agents from various fields to complete the different procedures. So, it’s better to associate with an organisation that has a wide network of expert agents, finds lucrative deals, and has a strong approach towards your issues.