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Requirement Details

The positive thing about buying an existing business is that one does not have to start from scratch. But having said that, there are many reasons why that business is for sale. So, before making the big investments it’s important to have a checklist of your requirements. This will helps you to choose the correct kind of business in the market.

Requirement details of an investor

  • General:
    • Information about the company’s current employees
    • Domain
    • Location
    • Size
  • Financial:
    • Current revenue
    • Financial status
    • Minimum of three years of tax returns
    • Key financial ratios like net income to total assets, net income to net worth, and net sales.
    • Prevailing Debts
    • Any due payments
    • Working capital
  • Legal:
    • Are there any ongoing lawsuits
    • Current Contracts
    • Zoning regulations affecting the business and pending chargers concerning them
    • Letter of intent
  • Sales:
    • Sales channels used by the company
    • Marketing strategies followed by the company
    • Whether or not there is consistency in sales
    • Sales history
  • Supplier’s Network:
    • Get to know the company’s suppliers
    • Number of suppliers
  • Assets:
    • Will the ownership of intellectual properties and products will be transferred to the buyer
    • Will you be able to take over the office’s lease
    • Licenses and permits granted to the company
    • Insurance policies
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