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Our Strength

Apohan is the only consulting company in India that intends to offer the SMEs a sophisticated, end-to-end, and custom advisory service that includes M&A and strategic financing.

An SME Business business person manages three types of business functions:

  • Corporate management: That includes managing the promoters, shareholders, directors, key lenders, strategy, alliances, compliances, etc.
  • Technical & operational management: That requires handling projects, procurement, operations, marketing, business development, sales, distribution channel, R&D, etc.
  • Support: The department focus on operational aspect i.e. HR, administration, IT, finance, legal, etc.

There are approximately 30 such different types of roles which need management even if the set-up is very small. In an SME, all this work is done in absence of an adequate number of adequate staff skills and any documented policy framework, unlike big corporates, where there are dedicated departments, skilled officers and well-written policies for very small activities.

This incapacity and deficit in several areas ultimately lead the SME to two types of business situations:

  • Default: Some or other kind of financial non-performance or default which may end up into a serious financial crisis, loss of control or even liquidation.
  • Stagnation: Inability to grow even if the market is growing at a huge rate, a plethora of opportunities, and a high degree of technical competence with the company.

This is where Apohan’s role comes into play and help SMEs bring about changes like:

  • Strategic long-term financing of the company to explore available growth opportunities that are profitable.
  • Turnaround of a financially distressed company if the business proposition is intrinsically viable.
  • Improve corporate management system to resolve all the issues regarding control, ownership and operating procedures regarding the matters of the company’s top-most level.
  • Formulation of business strategy or plan through a proper corporate structure, capital structure, contract structure, economic structure, legal structure, tax structure and financial models.
  • Exploration of possibilities of JVs, alliances, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to explore the synergies

Apohan provides custom solutions and recommendations understanding the client’s exact business objectives, needs as well as limitations and working out a strategy that can implement until the end. In the above processes, many agencies such as company secretaries, chartered accounts, business lawyers, certified valuers, certified technical persons, etc are hired as an SME business person is not aware of what and how to get the work done from them. Apohan takes care of all these agencies for you as we provide end-to-end solutions including 6 months of handholding.