our Investors

Our Investors

The investors associated with Apohan are individuals or companies that are keen to fund a business which has a potential rise again. Our investor network includes members of entrepreneurial eco-System having great operational experience and has headed successful ventures.

Apohan’s investor has a passion to scale up the value of a declining business. We have a history of maintaining long-term and successful relationships with our investors. We have always strived to create right investment opportunities, quality mentoring, and inputs on strategy building as well as execution. Plus our investors with their experience can assess risks and potential of a proposal. Our investors have a good operational background and willingness to invest time as well as the capital.

Benefits of Joining Apohan’s Investor Network

  • Access to better investment opportunities
  • Assistance at every stage
  • Handling communications and client relationships
  • Adherence to the terms of a deal
  • Carrying out extensive due diligence and coordinating with the seller
  • Taking care of the legal and official processes

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the framework rules, norms, and processes followed by a company to achieve its objectives. These parameters are directed and controlled by the Board of Directors to keep a balance between stakeholders’ interests. Shallow corporate governance greatly affects finances, profits, integrity, and reputation of the company.

In the case of merger and acquisitions, the new system can cause conflicts among the management, shareholders, and employees. To avoid these disputes it is important to draft and regulates the corporate governance perfectly.

Apohan’s approach towards corporate governance

  • Compliance of listing requirements
  • Separation of Chairman & MD roles
  • Reclassification of promotors
  • Appointment of woman independent director
  • Disclosures compliance strategy
  • Board composition & configuration
  • Governance standards, vigilance strategy
  • Director nomination, succession, remuneration
  • Formulation of board committees
  • Royalties, related party transactions, subsidiaries
  • Buyback, bonus shares, dividend policy, QIP, material holding, takeover compliances
  • Management of AGM event

Investor Advisory

Company owners often search for value creation strategies through merger, acquisition, turnarounds, etc to instigate growth and improve operations. The advisory includes every area of investor engagement. The process includes quantitative analysis of various parameters of the potential company.

Apohan’s Investor Advisory includes

  • Strategy for composition, configuration & reconfiguration for the appointment of the BOD members
  • Appraisal of BOD’s operational performance, financial performance, future plans and associated risks.
  • Strategy formulation on dividend policy and computation for going year
  • Draft agenda for questions, information, reports being sought from BOD
  • Selection/appointment of independent directors
  • Preparation of a pipeline of eligible independent directors for the organization
  • Pipeline, identification & appointment of statutory auditors
  • Minority interest protection mechanism
  • Proxy voting & representation in an AGM or EGM
  • Removal of incompetent directors