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We approach investors & SME businesses for a wide variety of M&A transactions, mainly business growth through equity funding & financial turnaround through equity funding. We provide end-to-end services. However, we don’t carry out any statutory work, compliance work, etc which is expected to be carried by certified professionals. We also don’t carry out any technical work, market study work, etc. In this case, the parties may require basic compliance work as well as the additional study of technical nature.

We, at Apohan,  associate with certified M&A professional individuals, companies, firms for carried out this work. Get in touch with us at the contact details provided below.

Our Network of Expert Professionals, Firms & Companies

Nature of engagement:

Following are the ways of engagement:

  1. As joint consultants with Apohan
  2. As sub-consultants of Apohan
  3. Independently with the Apohan client with our reference

Role of M&A Professionals:

  • Role of Company secretaries

Schedule of board & shareholder meetings

Drafts of Board resolutions

Computation & payment of ROC fees

Computation & payment of stamp duty on the issue of shares

ROC permissions, filing

SEBI permissions & filings

Secretarial compliance of M&A

Secretarial due-diligence of company

  • Role of Chartered accountants

Accounting of M&A

Consolidation of accounts

Computation of tax benefit

Tax structure of the deal

Taxation of the M&A deal for the company

Taxation of the M&A deal for the shareholders

Financial due-diligence of the company

M&A payment instruments & mechanism

  • Role of Business Lawyers

Identification & compliance with applicable laws

Regulatory framework of the sector

Court approvals

Distress litigation

Dispute resolution

Regulatory permits & licences for M&A

Legal due-diligence of business contracts

Drafting of the M&A contract

  • Role of valuation experts

Certified enterprise valuation

Enterprise valuation

Land and building valuation

Plant and machinery valuation

Inventory valuation

Valuation of investment

Brand valuation

IP valuation

  • Role of  technical experts, operational experts, engineers

Condition of machinery

Capacity of machinery

Balance life of machinery

Valuation of machinery

Operational flexibility

Operational competence

Operational costs

Quality of products

Technical certifications

Compliance of technical standards

Technical certifications

Technology trends in the sector

  • Role of  sector experts, industry experts, market experts

Analysis of the value chain of the product

Analysis of distribution channel

Price study

Product basket rationalization

Market study & forecast

Vetting of the revenue forecast

Analysis of competition

Import threat

Obsolescence threat

Substitution threat

M&A professionals