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Our “EXPERIENCES” worth citing

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1. Beginning with Series D: Ridiculous valuation of idea = 182 cr (51%) for product development
2. CS the great: 62% equity in a company with net-worth of around 18 Cr sold for Rs. 25 lakh
3. CA the great: WC capital, loan repayment calculated on annual basis & business failed
4. MBA the great: Buyer businessman discovered that the product is banned in India after purchasing business
5. Confidence spike: Investor will meet me & issue a check
6. Expertise: I can do all M&A documentation, I can do any documentation, I already have all documentation.
7. The debt trap: What is the interest rate on the equity you will provide?
8. The confidentiality imbroglio: I want meet the investor first before I tell my company name.
9. Distrust in consultant: Do you have any investor? (Do you any business?)
10. Expectation problem: Will your investor also bring market orders?
11. Late coming: I discovered that my business can grow a lot after 27 years of proprietorship.
12. A loaf of butter, two cats & 25 monekys: My brother’s broker’s friend’s friend’s friend’s CA has an excellent company for sale & we can make you meet the seller directly.
13. Dowry custom: My revenue is 10 lakh (assets near zero), I want to raise 21 cr for 2% equity.
14. Black market: I want to sell my land as a company.
15. Dreams in penury: I don’t have 25 thousand rupees to incorporate a company to raise 20 cr in one month.
16. Too much of a hotel bill: I will pay you 2% of transaction amount to introduce to the investor
17. The urgent, emergent & exigent emergency: I don’t have any documents you said, (nor I clear idea exactly what is my offer) but I need all the money in 15 days. Also, I need Rs. 20 lakhs tomorrow!!!
18. NDA complex: I will not tell you anything. I will tell only to the investor!
19. I want to sell an idea as if it was fully developed with my money: I want to produce 1 crore COVID products per day. (Rs. 5000 per item). No production, marketing & procurement contracts in place.
20. We know scope better, Apohan: Aapko bas investor lana hai ji!
21. The facility pride: We will meet at our plant before we talk for 10-20 minutes.
22. The financial innovator: We will give the equity investor a guaranteed return of 25% pa.

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