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M&A Process: Activities in Various M&A phases

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M&A Process

Appointment phase:

Pre-mandate discussions
NDA between client company & Apohan
Submission of proposal
Letter of award
Signing the consulting contract

Inception phase:

Preparation of profile of client company
Analysis of key financial & contractual documents of the company
Understanding objectives of equity funding
Understanding available time-frame
Studying various options available for strategic objective/ growth/ turnaround
Selection of a strategic solution from the options
Preparation of formats for external communication
Estimation of the approximate all-inclusive M&A process cost
Inception report

Investor identification phase:

Preparation of the profile of the kind of investor needed
Communication to known investors, financial intermediaries, investor forums of the investment opportunity
Scrutiny of investor responses
NDA between Apohan & investors
Preparation of a shortlist of matching investors
Selection of an investor
Expression of interest by investor
Mutual NDA between client & investor

Deal making phase:

Approach & discussion
Basic investor due-diligence
Deal structure
Letter of interest
Financial model, business valuation & control management
Letter of interest
Term sheet
Data room preparation
Due diligence

Closure phase:

Draft investment contract (BTA)
Negotiations on findings in the due diligence
Signing of investment contract
Payment of success fees to Apohan
Corporate process for allocation of equity
Disbursement of funds as per investment schedule in the contract

Merger integration phase:

Selection of CS, CA, business lawyer, etc
Change in BOD, if applicable
M&A company secretarial process
M&A accounting
M&A taxation
Integration of other departments (HR, IT, operations, marketing, etc)
Hand-holding by Apohan for 3-6 months

Other aspects

Cost of M&A
Timeframe of M&A
M&A Process flow
M&A documentation
Deal structure
Business valuation
Time of top management
Key decision makers in a company
Merits of equity funding over loans
Dilemma between growth and control
Why business alliances fail?

Merger and acquisition (M&A) process flow, phases & activities