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Distribution of documentation work in M&A transactions

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Classification on the basis of who is doing major consulting work:

Internal people:
In this case, all the major documentation, valuation, contracts and Communications including the identification of the investor are carried out by the staff of a company.

M&A consultants:
This case, all the scope of work except for the statutory work to be carried out internally including identification of investor, and negotiations with the investor is carried out by the merger and acquisition consultant.

Investment bankers:
Investment bankers are typically hired by large companies. They are highly intelligent, experienced, and networked people. They typically carry out the most difficult, risky and challenging part of the scope of the work including the challenge of of being able to raise all required fund.

In this case, brokers carry out the work of finding the investors, and rest of the documentation is carried out by the company.

Outsourced work:
In this model, the company carries out the work of investment estimation, requirement schedule, affordability, internal approvals, business plan, etc. Mergers and acquisition consultants are appointed for deal structuring, preparation of profile of investor, identification of investor, valuation, contract and Merger integration. This statutory work accounting, taxation, company secretary process, due diligence, legal vetting of contracts, market study, technical analysis of the business in terms of Technology and process, etc can be outsourced to the respective experts.


Apohan understands the expertise, lack of expertise, mechanism of engagement, etc each of these types of entities. Apohan assists the businesses appropriately integrating the services of all these agencies. Apohan manages the transaction right from the problem identification phase, to the closure of deal with perfection.