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Apohan: Concepts & FAQ about M&A transactions

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Part II: Basic concepts & FAQ regarding M&A transactions

First of all, a small and medium enterprise businessperson not having any educational background in finance should not get discomforted and nervous with the idea of knowing the advanced topics such as merger and acquisitions.

On this website of Apohan, we have made an attempt that every businessperson with basic exposure to running a company can understand all the necessary aspects of M&A.

Following is the list of topics that a businessperson should go through to understand the world of mergers and acquisitions in layman’s language:

Introduction to the world of M&A

What are mergers and acquisitions?

What is need of mergers & acquisitions?

What are the aspects of  merger & acquisition transactions?

What are the different types of mergers and acquisitions?

Need of M&A

How can you grow your company at an unimaginable scale with M&A?

How to you achieve turnaround from financial distress or a bad loan recovery situation?

How do divide a company into more companies to focus on a core area?

How to get working capital through equity funding?

How the M&A activity is relevant at different business life cycle stages?

How do you keep the business going when you are retiring due to old age?

How to manage a company in financial distress in various debt recovery forums?

Business environment of SMEs

How is the business environment is giving stress to Indian SME businessmen?

What are the effects on personal life of a businessperson where a company is not managed professionally on strategic matters?

Financing strategy

How to prepare a financing strategy of a company?

What is the concept of strategic financial performance of the board of directors?

How is the dividend policy of a company very important?

What is the difference between financial expertise required by an account, a manager and a businessman?

What are the three types of decisions in a finance department of a company?

What are the internal parameters within the control of the management mismanagement of which leads to the financial distress of a company?

Which are the technical & operational decisions for business growth which may require equity funding?


Arranging adequate business Capital:

What is the difference between “unavailability of capital” and “financial viability” of a business?

What is the capital structure of a company?

How to compute the capital requirement of a company?

Why do SMEs need more capital requirement as against as against their ability to raise capital?

What are the different options, sources & ways for raising new capital for a company?

How to reduce the cost of new capital raised for a company?

Advantages of M&A over other options

Why mergers and acquisitions are not popular among SMEs in India?

What are the advantages of mergers and acquisitions?

What are the disadvantages of bank finance?

How to compare debt funding & equity funding for a business?

What are the advantages & disadvantages of equity funding?

How to attract equity investment?

How does the investor look at your business; what are his considerations in a M&A deal?

What are the odd reasons why Indian SME businesses don’t get equity funding?

What makes a business eligible for equity funding from private investors?

How to increase the attractiveness of a private business in the eyes of the equity investors?

Structuring M&A transactions

What is the checklist of important questions & aspects before raising new capital for a business?

Why should you prefer strategic investors over financial investors?

How to manage the negotiations for control of a company in M&A transactions?

Why should companies prefer mergers and acquisitions in the same value chain?

What are the other significant corporate transactions that are as important as M&A?

What all options you have to issue different types of equities to manage ownership, control & sharing of financial benefit?

What all the corporate processes in which you can issues shares to select individuals?

What are the difference marketing processes to sale or issue equity?

Process of M&A

What is the process of mergers and acquisitions?

Do you necessarily need money to fund acquisition of control?

Why should you prepare professional financial models than taking decisions on thumb rules?

How is valuation done in M&A transactions?

What is the cost and time frame of mergers and acquisitions

Who are the different types of consultants involved in M&A transactions?

Apohan: The best strategic consultant for Indian SMEs in M&A transactions

Why an Indian SME business needs strategic consultants?

What is the role of Apohan for the Indian SME businesses in equity funding through M&A services?

What are the allied services that a company should undertake to make most out of M&A deals as long-term strategic business activities?

Just in the same way a company comes with a wide and complex array of products and services, the merger and acquisition world also has a very wide portfolio of solutions. The need for a specific solution depends upon the circumstances of the business, nature of the investor, their preferences and many other internal and external parameters. Below, Apohan has made an attempt to classify them in a systematic way.