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SME Business Counselling Services before Undertaking Long-term Strategic Assignments

Strategic decisions like mergers and acquisitions, financial strategy, business restructuring, etc are very critical; they happen only once or twice in the life of small companies. The management is not experienced in these decisions. They do not have an understanding of the process of these decisions and their objectives. Hence, it is desired that they undergo a counselling session with the merger and acquisition and strategic consulting experts to get an orientation of the process.


This will make them understand the problem/aspiration of the company, understand the available option, compare the available option, compare the advantages and disadvantages of strategic decision and inform the other colleagues in the company before going ahead with the critical assignments.


A direct engagement without counselling may lead to awarding incomplete or wrong scope of work, selection of incorrect kind of Consultants. It also so would give the Businessman Idea of whether the company is prepared for mergers and acquisition or similar critical activities.

Our solutions:

Apohan conducts 2-hour, 4-hour, and 6-hour counselling sessions before the SME business gets fully accustomed to the idea of long-term strategic assignments. The client shall register for a counselling assignment by filling in the Service Requisition Form on the website or he/she can take a telephonic appointment visiting our contact us page. He may require us to sign an online /paper non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and send required critical documents that are required for fruitful consulting in sufficient advance.

Charges :
2- hour session: Rs.10,000 + GST
4- hour session: Rs.16,000 + GST
8- hour session: Rs.25,000 + GST
8- hour session with facility visit: Rs.36,000 + GST

Indian SME counselling services for strategic decisions & M&A