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Aspects of M&A Transactions

Aspects of M&A transactions:

We have listed all the aspects of mergers & acquisition (or similar transactions) in this page. Then we have classified the M&A transactions on the basis of these aspects.

What is being sold or purchased?
What happens to the previous legal entity after M&A?
What are the types of mergers?
What are the types of acquisition
What are the roles of combining companies in the value chain of their products?
How much & in what way the companies integrate after merger?
Whether existing shares are purchased or new equity is issued for acquisition of company’s control?
How much control is acquired?
Whether the acquisition was friendly or hostile?
What are the types of divisions of a companies in two or more companies?
What type/class of equity is issued to the new shareholders?
What is the mode of placement of new shares?
Whether a public offer is involved and what is the type of the public offer?
Whether the corporate transactions is with only the existing shareholders and what is its nature?
Whether the company is in growth mode or it is in a financial problem?
Whether the investor are a business themselves or are they financial institutions?
What is the objective of merger?
What is the sector preference of investment fund?
How the mode of payment for equity acquisition if there is acquisition of shares?
What is the size of the deal in terms of amount involved?
How much control in the target company has been acquired by the investor?
What is the market process adopted for raising the equity capital?
How the business or capital of the business has been restructured?
What is the nationality of the companies that are merging?
What is the type of the investment fund or the investor entity?
What is the type of equity fund?
What are the approvals required for the transaction?
What are the terms of the equity investment contract?
What is the nature of the process of recovery in case the company is in financial distress?
What is the stage of a business involved in mergers in its life cycle?
What is the life stage of the business man who is selling business?
What is the way in which various consultants are involved?
To whom the valuation has been more favourable? Seller or buyer of equity control?
What is the nature of contractual Association in case there is no equity related transaction?