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Objectives of Financial Strategy of a Business

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Objectives of financial strategy of a business

Following are the objectives of financial strategy of a business:
1. Estimation of the accurate amount of required capital and its timing
2. Raising all the necessary capital with acceptable terms and the lowest possible cost
3. Efficient and effective application of the capital in various functions of the business
4. Generations of higher profits on the revenues
5. Timely settlement of all the liabilities of the business
6. The timely payment of all the creditors of the business
7. Timely repayment of the the loans and other debt instrument
8. Generation of attractive returns on investment for the shareholders
9. Management of all the risks in the business environment
10. Undertaking growth initiatives and executing them
11. Ensuring the stability and sustainability of the business in long-term
12. Realisation of the dreams of the promoters in terms of advancement of the company
13. Making all the stakeholders of the company happy and satisfied with it
14. Increasing the credit rating of the company to avail larger and cheaper funds from all kinds of investors