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Consulting Services for Bank Loans & NBFC Loans - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Consulting Services for Bank Loans & NBFC Loans

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Bank or NBFC loan advisory

Various Indian small and medium enterprises are eligible for availing bank loans and NBC loans.

Typical SME errors in bank loan management

Following are the errors that in experienced assemblies make in availing bank loans.
1. Not working for lower number of personal guarantees
2. Not working for lower value of security required
3. Not carefully reading all the terms and conditions
4. Not paying careful attention to the penalties and damages
5. Not bargaining for the moratorium.
6. Not negotiating for lower interest rate
7. Not exploring a few number of banks for better terms
8. Preference for Cooperative Bank then the nationalised bank
9. Not negotiate in the terms and conditions are the loan contract
10. Borrowing incorrect amount
11. Incorrect timing of getting loan and repayment
12. Not maintaining good relationships with the bank

Types of bank loans

There are a lot of types of bank loans based on various criteria
1. Secured Loan and unsecured loan
2. Long term loan and short term loan
3. Project loan and working capital loan
4. Cash credit and overdraft
5. Concessional loans such as from SIDBI

Debt instruments

Following are the various date instruments a company can raise debt capital
• Non-Convertible Debentures
• Partly-Convertible Debentures/Fully-Convertible Debentures (convertible into Equity Shares)
• Secured Premium Notes
• Debentures with Warrants
• Deep Discount Bonds
• PSU Bonds/Tax-Free Bonds
Interest Rate Derivatives

Apohan services

1. Advisory for enhancing credit profile of a company to be eligible for the required amount of loan
2. Identification of the lending Institute which can lend with the current profile of the business
3. Representation of a small and medium Enterprise to the bank for application of a loan
4. Advisory to the small and medium business management of non-performance asset (NPA)
5. Coordination with the channel partner and direct selling agent of the bank
6. Restructuring of a bank loan
7. Refinancing a bank loan
8. Transfer of a bank loan to a new bank for better terms
9. Preparation of bank loan strategy
10. Cash flow management for the timely repayment


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