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  • Capital Structure Advisory

    The capital structure can be identified as the funds of a company that are used for overall operations. Capital structure advisory is basically based on proprietary tools and finding solutions for flexible and continuous finances for the company’s growth. It involves suspecting risk by understanding the debt-equity ratio. It makes sure to compose of long-term funds having effects on control, ownership, voting, etc. It aims stability, long-term sustainability & growth of the company.

  • Project Finance

    It is a solution to find funding for utility-based or infrastructure-focused projects and provide plans to control budgets as well as risks involved. Project finance is treated as a minor subsidiary because it is a non-recourse loan. It is undertaken because the owner is promised with cash flow viability. Businessmen prefer project finances when adequate security is not available for an asset-based viable project idea.

  • SME Finance

    SME finance is subjected to debt or equity funding for companies facing lacking capital and stagnant growth. The core problem is that sometimes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cannot make enough profits and has to seek inorganic/external finances. The solutions include investments from banks or Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), other loans, grants, subsidies, equity, and strategic investment. The company has to knick other doors when the existing bank loan is insufficient to cater to the needs for turnaround or growth.

  • Lease Finance

    It helps you with the medium as well as long term finances which is for a fixed time period and cannot be cancelled. Lease finance is giving your assets to a lessee to use for a definite time in return of a particular amount. These assets are usually infrastructural resources like plant & machinery that are to be returned once the contract is over. It’s opted when there is no sufficient capital raise loan to buy assets.

  • Bank, etc Loan Advisory

    It helps you to carry out structured loan transactions and resolve the company’s financial problems. Every company has different issues and hence it the re-payments method should be treated differently. The main object is raising and repaying finance from institutions for low-cost leveraged growth. The owner considers loan advisory when the business needs more amount, less cost, less security & matching repayment, etc.

  • Working Capital Advisory

    It is the ratio of your company’s current assets vs. the current liabilities, plus determines the operational performance, financial sustainability, and liquidity. If a company has enough working capital it can fund and invest for the future at the same time. It ensures satisfactory cash flow by minimizing minimize requirement & cost of working capital. If at the initial phases your working capital is ill-planned it results in longer cycles, stunted growth, and many other limitations.

  • Allocation of Overheads

    Overheads refer to all the company expenses that are used to create and sell its services. Allocation overheads will help you determine the value you should offer for your services and also fix a budget for your company. Its worth remains the same unless there is less transparency i.e. when corporate & manufacturing overheads don’t let us see the exact worth of each product. The value is decided by identifying, calculating, classification and allocation of all generic expenses.

  • BGs Advisory

    BGs Advisory is concerned with reviewing the current company operations and performance and financial statements. It also involves Executing performance research and suggests ideas of remodelling the current business structure. The owner is helped to carry out different procedures such as seeking adequate guarantees & credits should be available for tendering, WC & Impex. The owner takes up BGs advisory when the documents like when quantum & T&C of BGs, L/cs are inadequate.

  • Pricing Advisory

    Pricing advisory is to plan out strategies that boost profits, charging the right amount of the services, convincing the client to pay it. Opting for it helps to fix prices that would make returns corresponding to risks & manage the competition. Businessman seeks it when management needs to know revenue requirement & ways to explain prices to clients.

  • Budget Advisory

    Budget advisory enhances liquidity, decrease costs; increase profits as well as invite optimal cash flow in your company. The advisory covers forecasting the revenues & expenses, inflows & outflows & their times. It provides the company owners with budget with provisions for the probability of lower or late inflow saves the business.

  • Financial Performance

    It is a subjective analysis of a business’s financial statement that is applied to create a road map of usage of assets and generate better revenues. The plans help the business align profitability & returns on investment with financial markets & peers. It comes beneficial when the company’s own financial performance is not similar to the industry.

  • Government Schemes and Subsidies

    It is keeping a track of all the government schemes and subsidies so that it can be advised and used whenever the businessman needs it. By being informed about all possible financial benefits from all govt schemes, departments, etc, can be applied it provides a superior competitive advantage to the owner.

  • Finance Training for Non-Finance Staff

    The idea is applied when the owner wants to increase performance, productivity and reduces the chances of risks. So it is important for every employee to have an insight and a practical understanding of the financial structure. For this, People taught calculations of the financial impact of their decisions & areas of improvements.

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