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Buy-Side Advisory - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Buy-Side Advisory

Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt Ltd is Pune’s leading M&A (mergers & acquisitions) advisory company assisting hundreds of SMEs in growth & financial turnaround related cases. The company is founded & led by Mr. Arun Joshi who has 20 years of experience in business transfers, strategic finance, corporate management, and strategic management with reputed companies such as CRISIL & PwC.

Apohan deals with mergers & acquisitions (M&A), other business transfers & combinations, strategic business financing, top management level corporate matters, business alliances, etc. Apohan serves all sectors & legal forms of businesses with these service requirements. Apohan carries out end-to-end sale side advisory or buy side advisory with our huge network of investors.

Scope of services

  1. Preparation of basic investor profile & understanding the investment objectives
  2. Understanding investment corpus, time-frame & instrument
  3. Understanding profile of prospective investment target
  4. Investment teaser, audience identification, screening, filtering
  5. Preparation of a shortlist of target companies & initial communication
  6. Plant/facility visits
  7. Appraisal of target business & preparation of investment offer
  8. Analysis of seller corporate documents, business plan, contracts, IP & other key documents
  9. Strategic review of report on technology, marketing, etc
  10. Preparation of financial model
  11. Analysis of investment risks
  12. Deal structuring & negotiations
  13. Evolution of group structure, corporate structure, legal structure, contract structure, business structure, tax structure, etc.
  14. Business/Asset transfer agreement/ share transfer agreement/
  15. Assistance in seller due diligence

Hand-holding for 6 months from investment agreement date

Results, submissions & output:

In the course of the assignment, Apohan shall prepare the following documents & the investor shall provide its timely inputs:

  1. Consulting proposal &  contract
  2. Inception report – with investment objectives & options
  3. M&A process presentation for the investor
  4. Profile of the investor
  5. Profile of prospective target company
  6. Investment teaser
  7. Investment advertisement
  8. List of target companies
  9. Amendments in investor MOA/AOA
  10. Board resolutions for investor
  11. Mutual NDA between investor & target
  12. Target company presentation review
  13. Target’s investment proposal analysis report
  14. Financial model
  15. Risk appraisal matrix
  16. Deal structure report
  17. Assistance in investor’s due diligence documentation
  18. Analysis of target valuation reports
  19. Document list for data room at the target company
  20. List of documents & reports for specific needs
  21. LOI
  22. Term-sheet
  23. Review of a disclosure schedule
  24. Due diligence agency appointments
  25. Due-diligence report review
  26. Business transfer agreement (investment agreement)
  27. Escrow agreement
  28. Review of statutory reporting & filings
  29. Integration report
  30. Handholding report, if needed
  31. Monthly status reports

Apohan shall reasonably prepare or review these documents to enable the investor to understand all the essential aspects of the investment process, understand the risks in the path, secure a favourable deal backed up by good documentation & study.

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