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Events: Webinar Series on Equity Funding - July 2020 - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Events: Webinar Series on Equity Funding – July 2020

Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. > Events: Webinar Series on Equity Funding – July 2020
Equity Funding for Business Growth & Financial turnaround


On Wed 8th, Thur 9th & Fri 10th July 2020| 11.00 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.




Equity funding is a complete contrast to bank loans. It is available based on the merit and potential of the business and not on the current financial situation. It is available in as much quantity and for as much term as needed. There is no requirement of any security or guarantee. There is no guaranteed return like interest to be paid the investor. There is no need to pay the initial investment back.


Amazing! Right? But equity funding is uncommon even in deserving SMEs.


Who needs equity funding?


The first type is those that want to ride on the opportunities in the market and want to grow to the new levels of success. They need capital for the growth initiatives, capacity expansion & new projects. The second type is those who are suffering from poor return on investment, from capital shortage for modernization, from working capital shortfall for full capacity utilization, from payments defaults of creditors, from recovery actions by banks, lenders, etc., and to the disputes between shareholders or directors.


Both of these need equity capital for growth or turnaround.


What makes it difficult to access equity funding?


The origin of funding problems is not technical incompetence, operational Incompetence, or marketing incompetence.It is that the investors look for the companies which are systematically organized & professionally run. Equity investors need a lot of documentation to assess the authenticity and the potential of growth which SMEs fail to provide as the documentation is absent in first place or they cannot compile it. SMEs mistake poorly connected brokers for M&A consultants who can carry out complex scope of work. Brokers can’t generate documentation, communication, deal structure, valuation & a sensible offer.




  • Root causes of lack of growth, business stagnation, financial distress, defaults& failures in Indian SMEs
  • Strategy for a corporate growth path for an SME to a multinational diversified conglomerate
  • Difference between financial unavailability & funding unavailability
  • What are the reasons for failure of business alliances, business partnerships?
  • Three financial functions & three types of decision levels in an SME
  • Why equity funding is a solution for business growth/financial turnaround?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of debt& equity from strategic perspectives – 27 differences
  • Why equity funding is difficult & rare in Indian SMEs- 26 reasons
  • Ways of classifications of M&A – 25 bases
  • Types of strategic corporate transactions – 7 types
  • Readying an SME business for equity funding: Business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management
  • Types of investors – 24 categories of investors
  • Importance of financial models & business/financial contracts
  • M&A strategy – Why? When? How? With whom? How big?
  • Process of equity funding – 5 Stages, M&A deal structure, role of professionals, scope, documentation
  • Precautions for first-time equity transaction for an SME
  • Schedule& cost of equity funding
  • Other strategic options: Local & foreign JVs, franchisee, royalty, licenses & leases




  • Why should a business take equity funding?
  • How to get equity funding even in most difficult business circumstances for financial turnaround?
  • How to get equity funding for business growth, new initiatives, new products /markets/projects?
  • How to attract equity investors to your business?
  • How to become eligible for equity funding?
  • How to get maximum valuation for your business?
  • What should be deal/contract/profile strategy for getting equity funding?
  • How to carry out equity funding in your company (step-by-step, guide)?





Promoters & shareholders of SMEs, Chairman, Managing Director, Executive/non-executive directors, Independent directors, Resolution professionals, Heads of departments, CXOs, Lenders & investors, Trustees, nominees & guarantors, Key contractual clients / suppliers, Key decision makers & equivalent people, Mentors & influencers, CEO / COO / CTO/ CFO, Project Directors, Business Unit Heads, Portfolio Management Professionals, Project management professionals


Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.




Basic Fee

GST @ 18%


MCCIA members






360 /-



Speaker : Mr. Arun Joshi


Arun Joshi is the CMD of Apohan Corporate Consultants Private Limited, Pune .He has a 22 years’ work experience in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial strategy, corporate management and business strategy with the most prestigious companies of India. Arun has been involved in around 240 transactions of various kinds such as financial turnaround, overseas direct investment, acquisition through share transfer, acquisition of control through infusion of additional equity, buyouts or partial acquisitions, merges, slump sale, greenfield project funding, financing of acquisitions, joint ventures, public private partnership (PPP) projects, etc. The approximate nominal value of all these transactions would run into USD 2-3 billion. Arun has worked in reputed companies like PwC, CRISIL, Reliance Industries, GAIL, DIMTS, etc. He is a mechanical engineer from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and MBA in international business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

See message of Arun Joshi on the significance of equity funding in life of a business:

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Webinar with MCCIA on “Equity Funding for Business Growth & Financial Turnaround” by Arun Joshi

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  • Last Date for RegistrationJuly 8, 2020
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