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Disadvantages of Big Consulting Companies

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Big consulting many have thousands of employees, fancy workspaces, and major turnover but still lack in some aspects. If you are an SME business person and looking was assistance from big consulting companies then here are some things you should consider before contacting them.

  • Many of them have an old school mentality and follow the same old procedures. Whereas, every business has a different problem which should be catered in a different way.
  • We cannot equate a large number of employees with high efficiency. Big consulting companies might drop off several junior consultants, but it not necessarily mean they have a good experience. Your SME needs specialists and not generalists to bring potential investors to you.
  • The services of big consulting companies often expensive. If SME business person is facing financial crunch then you should go for Small and mid-size consulting companies as they have a leaner fee structure.
  • Big companies move comparatively slower. If your SME is in crisis you cannot afford to be stuck in a time loop and struggle to crack the ideal deal.
  • These companies are dealing with numerous clients plus they have a various people at multiple levels that make the procedure more time-consuming.