Corporate Consulting

  • Formative Advisory

    A company seeks for formative advisory when it is at a formative stage of the M&A process, at the initial stage of re-starting the business, initiate or working with the new management. The advisory is concerned with whether or not the client has correct legal form & right configuration.

  • Constitutional Advisory

    The constitutional advisory is needed at a stage when the deal is almost fixed and both the parties start the agreement work. It is to make sure that everything is the going is good, all agreement must cover all aspects leading to zero disputes. Constitutional advisory involves shaping the MOA &AOA and other deeds correctly.

  • Promoter Related Advisory

    With M&A all the process are often revised and it becomes for the promoters of the company to manage affairs due to new interferences efficiently. Promoter related advisory is usually taken in these kinds of cases. It helps the existing stakeholders should be able to derive value for their efforts.

  • Shareholding Related Advisory

    The advisory team gives useful insights to the SME business persons with valuable insights regarding shareholders and strategic transactions. The advisory is considered when the majority or minority shareholders are not able to enforce their rights. It makes sure that Shareholders enjoy financial benefits & control as per T&C.

  • Ownership & Control Advisory

    During the process of M&A as well as after the deal, there is a lot of confusion regarding the dynamic of the new entity. The ownership and control advisory is taken to bring management competence and also to make investment decisions easily. It makes sure that financial benefits & control should be separable to manage the business well.

  • Board of Directors advisory

    At the initial stage of the new SME after the merger, the functions of the management are very blur. This advisory is considered when there is no clarity on roles & expectations in BOD. It helps the SME business person to define the identity, selection, JD, training, performance appraisal of BOD.

  • Compliances Advisory

    When an SME is in a financial crisis it can often skip compliances due to fewer amounts of funds. One of the reasons to explore helps is when the company is frequently rejected by high profile clients, penalties exceed norms. The main part of this advisory is to list and fulfil applicable compliances and create a faultless process.

  • Memberships & Registrations

    Memberships and Registrations are usually used for promotional activities and gain contact. When the company is left with fewer options for clients, agencies, suppliers, etc, for a company to come into the light it company should be a member of and should be present in industry forums.

  • JV Strategy

    A joint venture is an agreement between two or more parties with a purpose to start a new business or make investments which may or may not be for a longer period. An alliance with a stakeholder is formed to overcome an operational lacuna. A joint venture is taken into account when a business is not oriented for merger or acquisition.

  • Corporate governance

    Corporate governance is the rules, laws and practices that are structured with a purpose to run a company. Inefficient corporate governance hampers growth, integrity, transparency, and reputation of the company. Advisory in corporate governance is required when a business person is a new generation and is comparatively less experience. It involves corporate conduct as if it is a listed company in a matured economy.

  • Corporate Policies

    Corporate policy is a documented framework that has guidelines regarding the operations of the company. The policy is formulated after analysing the various aspects of a company. An advisory to structure it is needed when the business person is not able to handle matters that are happening for the first time. The composition of the policies includes a standard set-up changing policies, SOPs, etc by the department, by occasion, by purpose.