Chairman’s Message

How interesting the journey of a business is:
Optimistic start…initial traction…steep learning curve …cyclical fortunes…critical health…financial turnaround …normal operations…steady growth…break-even…cash rich operations…capacity augmentation…alliances…exports…greenfield projects…geographical expansion…lateral expansion…backward & forward integration …awards & recognitions…investor response…brand reputation…acquisitions…international presence…diversification…conglomeration!
But not all seeds grow into such giant trees. Some sapling die a premature death. Why is that businesses don’t grow despite being led by highly competent and motivated entrepreneurs? Why is that businesses fail despite many precautions being taken by the promoters?
Business is not a shop. Mere difference between prices and costs doesn’t make a business grow or remain there stably or stop from failing. A single capable and motivated individual can pull up a business up to 25 crore rupees. But then it starts becoming very complex. Promoters’ matters, shareholder relations, board of directors matters, investor/banker relations, strategic management, risk management, business alliances, corporate management, industry memberships, corporate governance, project planning,


Mr. Arun Joshi

project development, project management, certifications, approvals, supplier development, procurement, supply chain management, operations, production, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, business development, sales, distribution channel, research & development, administration, human resources, IT – HW, SW, financing, financial management, investment, legal, compliances, public relations, CSR, … the list of works that a businessperson has to carry out is unending. Each of these activities is essential to grow. Limited resources at the top cannot complete all these activities satisfactorily and in time. The case becomes even more difficult for the companies run by only one or two top level people without any middle management to support them. These companies typically do not undertake growth related activities as the top management does not have sufficient time to get involved in these high investment, high risk critical activities where they have no past experience, no network of experienced professionals, no clarity of process.

Even well-managed, ethical and highly profitable businesses become unstable or loss-making because of lack of knowledge of financing/corporate/legal matters with the technocrat entrepreneurs. Also, unforeseen market circumstances, external & internal risk events play their part. That doesn’t make that business permanently creditless, unviable or worth liquidation. But the lending Institutions, banks do not understand the worth of such businesses where the promoters are technically competent, where they have a great degree of knowledge of the products & manufacturing operations, where there is very good market for their products and the company has good marketing skills and networks. Institutions refrain from lending them adequate amounts for a conclusive turnaround as they go by they frigid rules.
This is where Apohan helps these entrepreneurs in realising their growth potential or coming out of the financial distress. We provide end-to-end and custom services these SMEs which are not approached by typical M&A consultancy companies. Sadly, these companies hire brokers who don’t know M&A process and end-up getting no equity capital. We connect these investment-worthy businesses of medium sizes (with revenue more than Rs. 25 Crore and investment requirement of more than Rs. 10 Cr) in the market to the investors who want to provide their financial expertise to the businesses. Preparation of exhaustive company documentation, financial models & M&A contracts makes the investment informed one for the investors.
Apohan desires prevent business failures through long-term strategic equity infusion & wants to assist the stagnant businesses to realize their growth dreams through equity partnership.