Buy-Side Advisory

Buy-side advisory involves helping the buyer with Strategic long-term business investment in equity. The advisor’s main role is to search better returns through a thorough study of the business client’s business domain. The buy-side is interested in making a direct investment in an existing company to increase the revenue and expand their business in different domains or locations. It is concerned with purchasing stocks, products, proprietary entities, and much more.

Basic steps involved in buy-side advisory

  • Helping the buyers to identify the potential of the companies available in the market
  • Carrying out the due diligence for the buyers of the company they are interested
  • Analysing the pros and cons of an acquisition
  • Negotiating and deciding the terms of the agreement
  • Sealing the deal

The necessity of Buy-Side Advisory

  • The buyers can carry out bigger transactions with meaningful insights into the M&A market
  • They will have access to a wider array of resources, services, or products
  • Scrutinise, recognise, and work properly on the available opportunities.
  • Build-up a strategic roadmap for the acquisition
  • Understand the seller’s perspective