Business strategy

  • General Business Strategy & Plan

    A business strategy is a work-plan that defines the business objectives as well as the norms to achieve them. An advisory to build and plan the strategy is needed when a business wants to take control of the situation & not be dictated by the environment. It is basically a single document with all objectives, actions plans & cash flows.

  • Financing Strategy & Plan

    A financial strategy is a roadmap to manage the funds of your company that helps to achieve economic goals and raise the shareholder value. It is needed when a business has viable ideas, capability & bandwidth but no money. It documents the ways & means of raising money & redemption.

  • Greenfield & Brownfield Projects

    These are two types of foreign direct investment, where Greenfield investment is concerned with building a brand new asset. Whereas, Brownfield investments when an entity buys or leases the assets. A business consultant can help you decide whether which investment opportunity will be beneficial for the company. It involves creating elaborate DPRs & financial models to execute the idea on the ground.

  • Technology Transfer Strategy

    Technology transfer is known as one of the best tools to develop your business. It is carried out in many ways viz. Licensing, Support Contract, Joint Venture, Franchising, Strategic Alliance, Acquisition, Buy-Back Contract, etc. An advisory for technology transfer is needed high-cost procurement of high technology service is not viable for a long period. It helps is make making a virtue out of procurement (marketing need) of suppliers.

  • Bid/Tender Advisory EPC/PPP/PMC/AMC

    A tender offer is a public takeover bid where the shareholders are ready to pay a higher price than that of the stock price. This offer runs for a specific time and aims to generate business on competence basis. It helps a company that wants to smoothly manage complex transactions.

  • Transaction advisory / EOI/RFQ/RFP/PPPA

    Transaction advisory involves evaluating and navigating corporate transactions that are concerned with M&A, strategic planning and valuation process of a company. Since these transactions are complex and carry certain risks an expert is consulted before making a decision.

  • Foreign Trade & International Business Strategy

    This strategy is concerned with building a road towards international markets and expands your business in different countries. A business person considers expanding when the domestic market is the risky or foreign market is lucrative with or without incentives. It means that a company should sell abroad & be present abroad.

  • Risk management

    Business and risks move hand in hand, the risk factors pertaining to a business such as cost of mitigation or insurance or mechanism could be much lesser. A typical risk management models have three steps viz. due diligence, negotiation and execution, or integration of various aspects. It is important for a company to identify, name, quantify & mitigate risks in each business activity.

  • Contracts, Strategic Financial Models

    It involves building and proposing Bid models, project models with options & sensitivities of assumptions makes decisions easy. A company needs a consultant to create these models because they can understand the problems and knows that a calculated decision works better than a thumb rule-based decision.

  • Analysis of Strategic Business Options

    Strategic business options are the instrument, decisions, and actions that are analysed to build a growth plan for the company. The analysing process includes exploration of relative merits & demerits of strategic business options. It is required when an unpleasant part of the decision comes to light later & the company is not prepared.

  • India Entry Strategy

    Indian companies join hands with foreign companies in various M&A, legal & contractual ways. This strategy is implemented when a company want to leverage on the strengths of a foreign company. It includes leveraging technology, technical capability, network, brand, etc.