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Advantages to SMEs for Family Businesses

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An SME Family Businesses do not necessarily prosper across generations as it is hard to leverage benefits to all the potential successors of the entity. In the case of an SME family business, it is not only about finding the right successor but also to save the integrity of the company and family members. The issue may also involve the removal or moving the position of a family member without hurting their dignity.

An SME family business typically faces these kinds of situation

  • Conflict over the control and less attention to the core business issues.
  • Discouragement of non-family employees on the promotion of family members
  • Potential opportunities are missed due to diverging priorities and misuse of capital by the various family members.
  • Personal family conflicts hamper the company’s decisions.
  • Finding or preparing the right successor

Apohan has a well-organised approach towards these cases as initially, we are trying to understand the situations. All the other concerns like managing your money or selling the business will be on secondary priority. Apohan will regard all family members as a client. We will gauge your business’s growth and reflect the capabilities as well as expectations of the next generation. We will try to understand the unique qualities and values of each family members as well as your company. And then tactfully draw a transparent business solution to save it and instigate growth. The deals that Apohan will suggest you will be in accordance with ownership, family, management, and governance. We will make sure that every member has understood and is onboard with the future company strategy.