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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

To serve as the global benchmark of corporate governance.


Corporate governance is the key to corporate success in the current turbulent market environment. It is essential that the value system of our management is perfectly evolved & matured to implement the best corporate governance practices than merely required by the law or followed hindi competing companies. The reputation for corporate governance attracts all kinds of the highest quality business stakeholders in huge numbers and with a high degree of participation. The major reason why the greatest individuals, the greatest organisations and the society at large doesn’t get actively involved with a business is absence of corporate governance. The general Goodwill among all the stakeholders surrounding a business mitigates most of the internal & external risks associated with the existence, survival, growth & sustainability of our business. There is a conspicuous absence or shortage of vigorously implemented corporate governance practices which stunt their prosperity. This is more so in the investment industry where one has to interest one’s hard-earned wealth to third-parties.
For the success in strategic management advisory, strategic financial advisory and advisory on mergers and acquisitions, we believe that our own corporate governance is a key factor.

Our vision is to create an organization globally reputed for its ‘imitable & transparent’ corporate governance practices. Everything else follows!


Mission Statements:
Following are the key missions of Apohan in the next ten years:

To become one of the top consultancy players in the India in the field of financial turnaround of distressed assets of small and medium enterprises through equity funding.
To become the most reputed brand in the country for equity funding advisory services for the growth initiatives of small and medium enterprises and new age technology companies.
To become the first choice of the technocrat businesses in India for all asset, equity & corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, demergers, sale of shareholding, slump sale, succession planning, etc.
To become a coveted name in the business community providing them end-to-end and customised strategic, financial and corporate solutions to the SMEs, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs reducing their failure rate.
To acquire & refine all the infrastructure, technologies, human resources, competencies & capacities within Apohan that will provide a complete package of expertises (financial, corporate, strategic, M&A) to a core entrepreneur (focussed on technology, operations, production, marketing).

Our mission is to make Apohan the thing to a business what Uber is to transport, what OYO is to hospitality, what Amazon is for shopping, what Paytm is for payments, in next span of next 10 years.

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