Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

To become the world’s largest & most reputed strategic advisory delivery platform for the SMEs.

Benefit of strategic transactions for funding, growth, business turnaround and achievement of many other varieties of business objectives husband traditionally privilege of only large companies. With the help of a professional board of directors, department of strategy, department of corporate management, department of finance, department of legal affairs, and department of of strategic transactions coupled with a wide variety of external expert, large companies grow by leaps and bounds. In the absence of any such internal infrastructure, competent human resources in these domains, inexperience with strategic initiatives & transactions, SMEs remain stagnant and sometimes face business failure.

A strategic transaction is one of the best options for growth or turnaround or achievement of business objectives in case of a “well-screened” SME business. For example, in case of a strategic transaction such as equity funding, it is one of the most attractive investment options in terms of risk-return profile for a strategic or financial business investor. However, there are many misconceptions among the investors about the so-called high risk nature of SME investment. In fact, these aren’t actual business risks but more of risk perceptions in the absence of business information and documentation. On the other side, deserving SMEs need equity funding and can’t fulfil their growth or turnaround needs with internal accruals or debt. The SMEs too can be characterized by absence of awareness about option equity funding for fulfillment of the business objectives, by misconceptions regarding equity participation  & by lack of knowledge of the transaction process. Despite tremendous demand-supply gap running into trillions of dollars, equity funding deals can be said to be virtually absent in the SME space. The most important culprit for this absence is lack of an efficient, economic & reliable consulting infrastructure in transaction & strategy space. At Apohan, our objective is to fill in this gap.

Around 99% fintech companies in India are in non-equity domains and among those that are into equity are into deal database or virtual data room (VDR) or deal brokerage or any such fringe fraction of the transaction. There is no equity funding or transaction delivery platform company in the whole world, let alone India. The process flow in the offline transactions is unscientific and non-standard resulting in unacceptable level of deal/transaction failure rate.
At Apohan, we want to substantially automate transaction delivery, if not fully, with the deployment of emerging technologies search eyes artificial intelligence and data analytics.
We Aspire to have global footprint in SME strategy advisory domain and international replication of our business model is not as difficult as that of statutory services. We want to achieve the leadership position in this industry with the help of our first mover advantage. Also, we want to earn a repute for corporate governance, ethical fairness to ecosystem stakeholders and business practices far nobler than businesses try for.


Mission Statements:

Following are the key missions of Apohan in the next ten years:

To close 100 transactions /day through online semi-automated strategic advisory services for SMEs within the first 15 years of the platform.

To become one of the top consultancy players in India in the field of the financial turnaround of distressed assets of small and medium enterprises through equity funding.
To become the most reputed brand in the country for equity funding advisory services for the growth initiatives of small and medium enterprises and new-age technology companies.
To become the first choice of the technocrat businesses in India for all asset, equity & corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, demergers, sale of shareholding, slump sale, succession planning, etc.
To become a coveted name in the business community providing them end-to-end and customised strategic, financial and corporate solutions to the SMEs, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs reducing their failure rate.
To acquire & refine all the infrastructure, technologies, human resources, competencies & capacities within Apohan that will provide a complete package of expertise (financial, corporate, strategic, M&A) to a core entrepreneur (focussed on technology, operations, production, marketing).

Our mission is to make Apohan the thing to a business what Uber is to transport, what OYO is to hospitality, what Amazon is for shopping, what Paytm is for payments, in next span of next 10 years.

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