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Corporate Objectives - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Objectives

Short-term objectives (1-5 years):

  • To run a lean start-up merger and acquisition (M&A) focussed business with minimal costs & overheads till adequate human resources are identified & monetary resources are contractually secured.
  • To carry out a market survey for strategic financial services of around 1000 small and medium enterprises located around Pune
  • To develop & refine expertise in all the important business verticals such as mergers & acquisitions, financial turnaround, equity funding, growth advisory, corporate management, financial strategy in Maharashtra & surrounding markets with specific stress on Pune based businesses.
  • To raise finance to meet capital costs & working capital needs for the first five years as per the financial model through seed funding, angel funding, venture capital funding, private equity funding, private individual investors and crowdfunding.
  • To develop, operate & advertise a world-class website & mobile application to generate inward leads.
  • To develop a network of M&A professionals, strategy experts, chartered accountants, company secretaries, business lawyers, valuation experts, investment banks, deal brokers, strategic investors, financial investors, sector experts, technocrats, engineers, etc to create the complete ecosystem for business transfer services.
  • To create a pool of employees of similar profiles.
  • To create marketing infrastructure, evolve a marketing strategy and reach around 5000 small and medium enterprises as potential clients.
  • To obtain all the registration, certifications, permits, permissions, memberships, licenses to undertake all the activities in the direction of the vision of the company.
  • To create an efficient, effective, flexible and harmonious board of directors of around 10-15 executives with a vast degree of experience in mergers and acquisitions & allied areas to look after various business functions & verticals.
  • To get licences from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for Merger & Acquisition consulting services and for investment banking services.

Mid-term objectives (6-10 years):

  • To create a client pool of around 200-1000 companies, to create a business develop infrastructure to manage around 1000-5000 business leads, and a client prospecting infrastructure to handle around communications with 50000 business.
  • To create a very strong market presence through participation on social media, in conferences, events, exhibitions, forums, industry associations, networks for business development & brand promotion.
  • To create a high-end e-commerce platform listing around 3000 medium engagement strategic management consulting services for small & medium enterprises.
  • To expand the services basket through the inclusion of strategic advisory services for marketing, operations, information technology, human resources, project management, legal management, engineering, etc.
  • To create an in-house online & offline training centre to convert low-cost resources into M&A experts to deploy at various locations in the country.
  • To use the Apohan portal & Apohan App to associate contractually with around 1000 experts, firms & companies screened & assessed in-person with detailed mapping of their skills, depth, quality, service standards, etc and ranked relative to other entities in the similar space to efficiently outsource statutory & compliance services.
  • To evolve a foolproof internal corporate policy structure and corporate management structure for exponential growth in new markets and new service segments.
  • To acquire around 4-5 companies in the allied areas.
  • To get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), to issue corporate bonds, to raise funds through external commercial borrowings (ECBs).
  • To spread the legal & physical presence across the nation with client presence in all A, B and C category towns and office presence in A and B category towns.
  • To start the export of strategic services to around 50 clients located in the developed countries and 500 clients in the emerging economies.

Long-term objectives (11-30 years):

  • To become the most popular consultancy brand among the Indian small and medium enterprises for sourcing any kind of strategic activity.
  • To become the number one company in the world for consultancy services in the turnaround of companies in financial distress.
  • To have an international presence in around 50-100 countries through liaison offices, project officers, branch offices, joint ventures, franchisees, fully and partially owned subsidiaries, acquisitions of local companies, etc
  • To tap the international equity capital through the issue of Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).
  • To promote Apohan as an organization of Indic origin, oriental ethos, Indic philosophy & work culture promoting the soft power of India.
  • To start a retail financial consultancy services business to cater to the strategic financial advisory needs of a middle-class individual.
  • To acquire around 5 to 10 internationally renowned companies in strategic advisory services.
  • To become the global benchmark of corporate governance which is an imitable and transparent model to improve the governance standard in the industry.
  • To popularize equity funding among the Indian small and medium enterprises and take a leadership initiative in the creation of an unorganised market and platform to provide access to capital for all.
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