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Apohan's Logo - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Apohan’s Logo

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Apohan’s logo is a collage of images of ancient discoveries and inventions. It is a tribute to the galaxy e off hundreds of unknown and forgotten scientists who contributed to the advancement of human civilization. The pictures are from all geographies, all cultures and all eras of human history.


Apohan Logo


The motto of Apohan in the Sanskrit language, “धर्मो उत्कर्षसाधनम्”, is scribed at the centre of the logo. It means pursuit & support of a noble cause (dharma) is a tool (sadhanam) of prosperity (utkarsh). The motto connotes the balance between the profit orientation and the commitment for the Apohan’s social cause.


Any scientific discovery, invention or product of engineering by the creative minds appear to be extremely exciting to the contemporary generations. It loses its shine, lure, magnetism and its special place in social life as it becomes older and gets relegated to oblivion. Society evolves the perfect ways and means to internalize these new inventions, learns to minimise the damages and negative effects of the discovery to the extent possible. That stupendous, awe-inspiring discovery of the science of one time becomes a mediocre way of life for future generations.

We live in a misconception that our times are the most exciting times, that the change is fastest in our era and the older times were bland & stale. However, that is not true. The course of the human journey to its current stage of development has always been equally exciting. Imagine the people who lived in the jungles with so many deprivations, risks, dangers, suddenly come across the discovery of civil engineering – a home. Imagine the excitement, where people would be constructing a wide variety of homes, houses, social, religious, political, entertainment, utility, transport, warfare structures and adding multiple features to them. Isn’t a home a craze even today? There is no reason to believe that the excitement of that time would be lesser than the excitement of the discovery of a smartphone.
We have made an attempt to recognise the great contributions and efforts of ancient scientists, thinkers, philosophers, leaders, saints, etc for our wellbeing today in the form of this logo.


List of images:

Following is the list of images in the order of their appearance:

  • Writing: The development of spoken & written languages as a tool of communication must have been a very interesting phenomenon. The image of early medieval Scottish calligraphy (Chi-Rho Iota page from The Book of Kells) shows advancement in design, colours, alphabets, and the dexterity of the human hand in the art of writing.
  • Yoga: It is a science of mind. Yoga, in fact, means to be able to do anything and everything through the power of the mind, unlike the current notion that the universe is governed by unchangeable laws of physics. The image of a meditating saint captures the various states of mind a yogi can reach.
  • Astronomy & mathematics: Astronomy has been always an attraction for humanity. Bhaskaracharya and Aryabhatta have made a stupendous contribution to these fields including the structure of the solar system and laws of planetary motion. The image shows Aryabhatta who discovered zero helping the rapid advancement of mathematics.
  • Textile: This is the image of the Bangladeshi muslin saree. The advancement in the textile industry has not only protected man from the crude forces of nature but also has helped him to be distinguished from the other animals, i.e. an animal following formalities & mannerism.
  • Village: Today’s large megacities with huge infrastructure and population of millions have emerged from their simple form of an ancestor, i.e. a village with a complete setup of the self-sufficient and sustainable setup of a few hundred people. The picture shows an image of an ancient African village.
  • Construction: This is the image of the Kailash Temple at Verul in India. It is an unparalleled example of human advancement in civil engineering. This temple was carved out from top to bottom in a single solid granite rock. It has many sub-structures that are impossible to build even in conventional craftsmanship with bricks & mortar. It is impossible to believe that this is a human creation looking at the volume of excavation with conventional tools in a very short span of time, let alone the degree of refinement in the sculpture art.
  • Agriculture: It is an image of early agriculture in Egypt. The transformation of humanity from wanderers for food on daily basis to stockpiles of food grains for years together through organised agriculture has fulfilled the most excruciating need of food. Solving the problem of hunger for the marginalized is a problem even today. One can imagine the kind of blissfulness those generations would have felt after securing food for
    almost of the population.
  • Religion: This image is of Rigveda, both the most ancient written text as well as a religious text of modern-day Hindus. Currently, the religions are perceived to be spreading alienation and dividing people, but they have done a wonderful work of binding people together through higher principles of morality and ethics in personal and public life giving them a common cause for togetherness and good behaviour in historic times. The Rigveda is full of the noblest thoughts for humanity.
  • Constellations: The advancement of the science of observation of the sky was also always accompanied by the advancement of astrology, i.e., the science (?) of linking the planetary positions to the prediction of the future of the people. The image shows 27 constellations and their symbols
  • Culture & customs: While the civilizations advanced, different cultures and customs were developed in different parts of the world. Irrespective of the logic of these customs, it is rather difficult to break them even today sheer by the force of habit. The image shows Stonehenge in the United Kingdom which is considered to be a burial place.
  • Grammar: The advancement in grammar introduced the concept of vowels and consonants, parts of speech, types of sentences and many other advanced concepts. Human progress wouldn’t have been possible without this flexibility and ability of the languages to express and communicate the most complex thoughts. The image shows the writing of Panini’s Sanskrit grammar.
  • Medicine: This is the image of an Ashrama preparing Ayurvedic medicines. The study for the creation of Ayurveda helped humanity to understand the plants, minerals and substances around them and to assess the impact of their consumption on the human body. This led to advancement in empirical sciences. Ayurveda also has made an attempt to explain the structure and functioning of the physical body and the mind.
  • Time of day: The sun in the sky not only the source of energy and light but also has been serving as a great mystic attraction to humanity since millennia. The image of a sundial in China shows human curiosity to capture the movement of the sun to measure time.
  • Time immortal: The Panchang developed by the Indians in ancient times has a provision to two measure the billionth fraction of a second and also to measure the cycles of time of trillions of years. The Panchanga has been also able to tell all the celestial phenomena such as lunar and solar eclipses very accurately for thousands of years.
  • Sports: Discovery of sports has added huge joy and the spirit of teamwork to humanity. Various sports of various forms & formats have evolved in the various parts of the world. The image shows the sport of rock climbing among the red Indian community in North America.
  • Beauty: The infatuation of humanity for beauty and beauty products is as old as humanity itself. This has led to the discovery and development of metals like gold and silver that don’t corrode, don’t lose their shine and can be shaped to any delicate form. The image shows an ancient goldsmith factory engaged in making beautiful ornaments.
  • Metals: One does not find the metals in nature in their usable form and it would have been difficult for the ancient scientists to imagine that useful metals can be extracted from soil. The image shows the extraction of zinc in ancient India which is a metallurgical marvel. Liquid zinc is available only for a span of 3 degrees Celsius scale making it nearly impossible to extract.
  • Town planning: Advanced town planning was found in many ancient cities including the best one at Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan. The image shows town planning at Machu Picchu in Peru, mostly the seat of the king of the region.
  • Megastructures: The pyramids of Egypt are world-famous. It is not only their size, but the understanding of geometry, architecture, civil engineering, material handling going behind them is mind-boggling.
  • Weapons: Today’s advanced defence systems began with simple wood & stone weapons. The image shows the first set of simple ancient metal warfare tools.
  • Entertainment: The development in the field of arts has also been wonderful. The image shows a drama being played on the ancient epic of Mahabharata with colourful clothes, music, lights, actors, stage and audience.
  • Engineering design: The image shows a prototype undertaken for the actual planning and construction at Kailash Temple. This prototype was created in exactly the same fashion in which the Kailash Temple was expected to be constructed.
  • Body operation: This is the image of an eye operation being undertaken by an ancient surgeon called Sushrut in India. The operations of nose, eyes and skin along with anaesthesia were common in the era when Ayurveda reached the pinnacle.
  • Finance: The image shows a Chinese paper currency in ancient time. There was an existence of currency, exchange, and banking system in China. Paper currency was a natural fallout of the discovery of paper in China.
  • Evolution: While some of the ancient discoveries are as clear as the sky, some other ancient phenomena are completely perplexing. The giant statues on Easter Island, Delhi pillar, the image of spacecraft at a cave in Bhimbetka being a few of them. These findings put a serious question on our understanding of the scientific and technological advancements of some distant ancestors. The image is of 12000-year-old Lolladoff plates found in Nepal that describe the history of evolution on the earth on the background carving of a galaxy.

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