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Our Aspirations

To be a leading business turnaround company:
Apohan desire to be the number one company in India and in the world for turnaround of financially distressed companies, be it companies having poor financial performance, financial instability & making losses, companies that have made various kinds of payment defaults, companies that have become non performing assets of banks (NPAs), companies transferred to asset reconstruction companies (ARCs), companies under corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP), or companies undergoing liquidation or dissolution. We aspire to be the number one saviors of the corporate wealth in the world as its destruction results in misery in lives of hundreds and thousands of stakeholders.


Leading growth company:
Apohan Aspire to be the number one company in India and the world in the strategic financial advisory for growth of companies through equity funding. Many companies in new-age technology businesses such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, immersive technologies, drones, location based services, GIS, GPS, geocoding, navigation, mobile apps, voice translators, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetics, internet of things, big data, cloud, collaborative tech, connectivity, exoskeleton, social media, text, voice, audio, video, media communication, chatbots, Li-Fi internet, 5G interget, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, automation, robotics, green energy, hydrogen cells, biomimicry, advanced materials, battery, solar power, wind power, geothermal power, tidal power, gaming, electric vehicles, data storage, data processing, cyber security, chemical warfare, biological warfare, charging infrastructure, wireless power,near-field communications, RFID, fintech, edutech, holography, waste to power, exoskeleton, natural language processing, health-tech, gov-tech, automated vehicles, intelligence traffic management, smart cities, etc. are the future of the world and need a lot of money to take their final shape.
Also, conventional sectors such as infrastructure, construction, ports, airports, inland waterways, automobiles, shipping, railways, aviation, public transport, energy, oil & gas, coal, hydropower, natural gas, hospitality, tourism, health, metals, cement, real estate, water, education, financial services, telecom, consumer white goods, fast moving goods power, chemical, information technology, entertainment, agriculture, paper, dairy, pharmaceuticals, poultry, fishing, wood, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation engineering and defence are supplied, served & supported by many SMEs which have huge potential to grow through new projects, products or markets.
Apohan wants to be the most popular name among them as a consultancy company for growth funding advisory.


Comprehensive strategic management services portfolio company:
Apohan aspires to add the additional strategic management services from the other functions of management such as marketing strategy, procurement strategy, human resources strategy, information technology strategy, legal & regulatory strategy, project planning & management strategy, operations management strategy, supply chain management strategy, to its service portfolio after around 5-7 years.To make the businesses a happy & interesting thing from the personal perspective of the businessmen, we want to become a single platform resource for procurement of all one-time expert level actions, reports, advises, implementation management efforts, hand-holding efforts making doing business a relatively easy thing. We want create professional structures, policies & systems to take care of routine works and only the special matters needing attention of a businessman will take his time. Our platform will stabilize the businesses bringing peace to every stakeholder in it. Also, it will attempt to make a business sustainable for the SME businessmen, irrespective of the business competence & interest of the future generations, through professional corporate management practices to realize the true meaning of going entity.


E-commerce platform
Apohan plans to establish a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform where all the small and medium enterprises in India can avail strategic management services very efficiently and at economical prices. They will not suffer from having to look for experts, know the scope of work, learn the terms of a contract afresh every time, and will not be required to get cheated with incompetent or dissatisfactory services. Apohan has compiled a list of around 3000 mutually exclusive medium engagement strategic services and around 100 intensive engagement services that various businesses would like to outsource depending upon need. Apohan wants to become what Ola and Uber are to transport, what is OYO to hotels, what Amazon is to online shopping, what is BookMyShow to Indian entertainment to the small and medium enterprises all over the world. Apohan will act as good as an extension of their business management in providing solutions and implementation for all the skills that the SMEs do not have in-house. With the readiness of all non-core, non-technical corporate setup, we want to bring the dormant entrepreneurs to the market whose only fault is that there is a huge cost and risk learning how to do business hands on in one’s own business. We also want to set free the start-ups to focus on their core competence taking care of the other roles.


Creation of nation’s largest pool of business experts:
Apohan aspires to be the most attractive and the largest platform and community of the business experts & professionals in India. Apohan wants to associate with expert merger & acquisition experts, chartered accountants, company secretaries, business lawyers, MBAs, risk management experts, market experts, business restructuring experts, investment banks, financial intermediaries, deal brokers, financial modelling experts, marketing experts, information technology experts, business software experts, digitization and modernization experts, new age technology experts, business strategists, liaison & networking experts, sector specific experts, motivation experts, business coaching experts, tax experts, valuation experts, brand management experts, business event organization experts, accounting experts, tender experts, compliance experts, insurance experts, banking experts, investment experts, contract making experts, industrial relations experts, public relations experts, dispute resolution experts, CSR experts, quality management experts, project planning experts, financial experts, economic experts, advertising experts, operations & manufacturing experts, supply chain experts, procurement experts, distribution channel experts, R&D experts, scientists, engineers from various disciplines, joint venture experts, administration experts, professional training experts, soft-skill training experts, recruitment experts, project management experts for various sectors, etc. Apohan shall have highest level of eligibility conditions to select only the highest degree of professional expertise in the industry. It will have a screening & interview process to assess the expertise level and rank it among equals. Apohan will engage with these experts in the country through a mutually beneficial contractual arrangement. Apart from this, Apohan will have a large pool of in-house experts to successfully engage with these outsourced experts as required, to assign them scope of work on behalf of the client & review their output.


Creation of a consulting company that is not risk averse:
Business services are not as simple as transport or hospitality Services. They need human touch and a very high degree of custom approach. Most of consultants aren’t solution centric but scope of work (terms of reference) centric with a lot of disclaimers & protective terms. While this might be a necessary safety measure, but it should not affect the commitment for basic purpose of their engagement with a business. Apohan will not be there to provide a solution it knows about but a novel, custom & end-to-end solution specific for client circumstances.
Apohan will directly engage with businesses for provision of strategic management services and outsource the standard part of scope of work to the experts with lower appetite of risk. Apohan will carry out the critical & risky work of problem identification, analysis of aspects, analysis of options of solutions, selection of a workable option, formulation of strategy, shaping the strategic solution in the form of an action plan, selection of all agencies for specific works, etc. will be done by Apohan at its cost, risk, and responsibility leading the success responsibility from the front. Most of the Apohan’s assignments have success fees or revenue share as a major component of revenue and the company does require a confidence in its ability of providing consultancy services that would reach the desired goals.


Listing on stock exchanges through IPO, ADR, GDR:
Apohan aspires to get listed on all the major stock exchanges in the country such as BSE and NSE through an initial public offer (IPO) in a span of around seven years from its year of incorporation. It als aspires to get listed on the prestigious stock exchanges in the world through American Depository Receipts (ADRs), and Global Depository Receipts (GDRs). Apohan wants to the much coveted apple of eyes of the retail investors stock markets. Apohan also wants to have highest level of credit rating for its corporate bonds.


International expansion:
Apohan wants to expand internationally with export of services, liaison offices, project offices, branch offices, joint ventures, franchisees, wholly and partly owned subsidiary companies and inorganic growth through acquisitions of foreign companies in the markets. Apohan aspires to become a multinational strategic consultancy company of Indian origin. It wants to become a multinational corporate force to reckon with in the field of strategic advisory services. Apohan wants spread its legal & physical presence across the nation & the globe in the field of management consulting in terms of presence of clients and/or offices within a period 15 years.


Popularization of equity funding:
Apohan aspires to increase the popularity of equity funding among small and medium enterprises in India. There is a large gap of connect between the savers, the individuals having capital, the financial intermediaries, the investment funds and ultimate consumers of the capital, i.e., the businesses. Indian private investment equity markets are unorganised and disintegrated. Apohan wants to take a leadership position in formulating & creating an organised private equity investment market in the country bridging the gap between the capital haves & have-nots.


Corporate governance:
Apohan aspires to be the global benchmark of corporate governance practices for businesses. Apohan also wants to keep its corporate management practices open and transparent for the other organisations so that they are easily adopted and imitated increasing the governance quality of the industry. Once an organisation gets recognition & acceptance for a good corporate governance, the stakeholder confidence in such organisation goes multifold and nothing can stop growth.


Creation of a education house for business skills:
Many a time, the desire of the topmost leaders of the industry to provide very high quality services to the consumers or customers can’t be fulfilled because there is no workforce equipped with requisite skill down the line. Apohan wants to create a in-house professional skills education house for the strategic professionals who would have 360 degree understanding of the business environment and who would come up with solutions that are practical, workable and that can be implemented. Also, Apohan wants to create a pool of experts through rigorous training to actually implement the solutions on the ground and help the companies in improving their financial performance or achieve a conclusive turnaround of the district assets. The creation of education house will help the company in expanding its geographical presence all over the country without diluting quality of service.


Retail financial services:
In the current scenario, financial world has become very complex and the individuals don’t have time or expertise to to prepare personal financial strategy. All the financial products and services are pushed by the financial institutions or financial services companies without regard for custom need of individuals. Apohan wants to create a financial services company with an individual as buyer of a financial product or service with an integrated approach towards all financial aspects in one’s life.
In the long-term future, the company wants to take up a project for providing financial solutions to ordinary individuals in addition to the businesses. We call this retail financial services where the consulting engagement will be very fast & at nominal prices on mass basis. This company will provide solutions for all the financial plans, problems and issues in a middle-class person’s life.


Service sector trade balance of India:
In the current scenario, most of the high level strategic consulting services are imported from or outsourced by India’s largest companies to the international strategic advisory companies based in Europe or America. This results in the outflow of foreign exchange in the form of consultancy fees for royalties. Many of the individuals serving these multinational strategic advisory companies or firms are Indians themselves. However, no one has been able to attract this talent pool and create a high-quality, globally reputed and formidable local consultancy company. Apohan desires to substitute these imports of grade A, pricy with local expertise as well as wants to export strategic consulting services from India to all the nations including developed nations. This will not only help the service sector trade balance of India in high-end management consulting services but also will change the popular perception of brand India globally creating a soft power.


Promotion of Indic business values:
The western or occidental business philosophies believe in and openly promote maximization of shareholders’ wealth as the supreme value of a business. Apohan does not believe in mere maximization of shareholders wealth but wants to create an organization of Indic origin, oriental ethos and values. Indian traditional business values prescribe that a business is not for self-aggrandizement, but for furtherance of His cause: regard for basic human dignity, happiness of the stakeholders, a human connect transcending transactional perspective, prosperity of general society and entrepreneurship for meeting the basic needs of many than gratification of self-indulgence of a few privileged. Apohan wants to play an instrumental role in showing the right cause and path of businessmanship.