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Apohan Profile

Apohan is into strategic transaction consultancy & implementation services for small & medium size companies (SMEs) in India. It provides advisory services for equity funding through mergers & acquisitions (M&A) & all allied strategic consultancy services for an efficient M&A such as business strategy, corporate management & financial strategy. The specific stress of Apohan is on the financial turnaround & financial growth of high potential SMEs. 


  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A), growth funding, a financial turnaround of distressed assets (NPA, ARC, IBC, etc.), equity funding, share transfers, asset transactions, succession planning, demergers, sell-side advisory, etc.
  • Strategic financial consultancy services for excellence in financial performance, higher profitability, a higher rate of return on investment, financial growth through a financial plan, financial risk management, capital structuring, dividend policy, financial models, financial contracts, etc.
  • Corporate management consultancy services to have a stable, harmonious & efficient management through professional corporate group structures, legal forms of business entities, professional constitutional documents, careful agreements between shareholders, directors & other key stakeholders, performance and award mechanism for the board of directors,  corporate governance & corporate policies, etc.
  • Business strategy consultancy to evolving a clear common path to work upon through a preparation of a business plan, financial model, corporate structure, contract structure, project strategy, revenue structure, financing plan,  joint ventures (JVs), risk management, exports, overseas investment (ODI).
  • SME entrepreneur Counselling services for above decision making (hourly fees basis).

Potential target company for equity funding through Apohan’s advisory services:

We select client businesses for equity funding such that:

  • They have financial & business ethics.
  • They have a great degree of technical competence, product knowledge, operational capability, market knowledge, business network & marketing skills.
  • There is a huge market demand for their products with extraordinary prospects of revenue growth.
  • They have a minimum investment requirement of INR 10 crores (USD 1.25 Mn) & revenue of more than INR 25 crores (USD 3 Mn) as the rigorous M&A process is too rigorous for a scale below this.
  • The business is profitable & financially viable for all stakeholders if all necessary (equity) funding is made available.
  • The promoters should be ready be to take all the necessary funding required for a conclusive turnaround (or growth initiatives) with a secondary consideration for retention of control.

Our value proposition for equity investors:

Apohan works for all sectors of client businesses in India. These businesses seeking equity funding are typically led by reputed technocrats with huge marketing strength, whose core strength, isn’t strategic financing or corporate management. Apohan assists them in finding long-term strategic/financial equity investors for tapping the growth opportunities in the market or for a financial turnaround. Apohan deals with a wide variety of investors such as strategic business investors a sector or product, private equity (PE) funds, venture capital (VC) funds, core investment companies (CIC – NBFCs), foreign direct investors, sector-specific funds, purpose-specific funds (such as distressed asset funds, growth funds, SME funds, etc), networks of high net-worth individuals (HNIs) who invest in equity, family offices, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), etc. Apohan also presents its portfolio of client businesses in many investors meets, conferences, forums & platforms.

Apohan presents these well-studied, low-risk, high-prospects business investment opportunities to the investors in India & across the globe with elaborate business documentation, contracts, financial models, offer structure, etc addressing all reasonable concerns with respect to an unlisted private company of the prospective investors.

How you can associate with Apohan?

Broadly, there are six ways in which you can associate with Apohan:

  • As a distressed asset, an NPA account, a company under ARC / CIRP: Equity finance for financial turnaround of your business.
  • As a growing business: A business looking for equity funding for growth.
  • As an aspiring business: For the formulation of a business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management plan for the transformation of your business into a major player in the industry.
  • As a strategic investor or a financial investor:  For a long-term strategic investment of your funds into well-studied, low-risk, well contracted, high ROI private businesses of the sectors, locations, profiles, etc of your preference.
  • As a co-consultant, financial intermediary: For carrying out the several statutory & compliance roles, for sharing a portion of the scope of work as a collaborator of Apohan.
  • As a broker: For a finding fee (referral fee) for networked individuals connecting Apohan directly to the final decision-making businesspersons/investors.