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About Apohan - Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

About Apohan

A unique consulting company:

Apohan is a unique type of equity funding consulting company for small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in India. Unlike other firms, Apohan is not a compliance or statutory services firm but a strategic advisory & implementation company. Apohan knows a business as a business and speaks the business language. Apohan is capable of communicating with a business person in his own simple business language.
Apohan is not a broker but carries out a wide variety of scope of work in M&A engagement. Apohan is connected to a wide variety of investors with a wide variety of preferences for investment ticket sizes, sectors, time Horizons, risk appetites, locations, an expectation of rates of return, terms of engagement, etc.

Growth & Financial Turnaround Through Equity Funding:
Apohan provides end-to-end and tailor-made equity funding advisory and implementation services to high-potential, eligible SMEs with an emphasis on mergers & acquisitions (M&A) tools. Apohan helps the SME companies right from identification of the problem (or detailing of the growth aspiration) of the businessman to the analysis of all available options of solutions, selection of the most suitable option, formulation of M&A strategy, preparation of fund requirement schedule, identification and approaching the equity funding person or organization, preparation of all necessary M&A documentation and communications, business valuation, contract drafting and negotiations, due diligence, closure of the financing deal to handholding for around six months after disbursement of funds.

Business Strategy:
Apohan prepares the strategic business plan (other than technical, marketing & sector-specific components), stakeholder contracts and financial models for a business. Apohan assists the client businesses in preparation of corporate structure, business model, revenue structure, sourcing structure, contract structure, financial structure, legal structure, etc. A business plan creates a jointly agreed common path to charter upon for the top management.

Corporate Management Strategy:
Apohan provides corporate management services to the SMEs to reduce their risk perception in the eyes of the investors. This includes a proper legal form of the business and professional agreements between shareholders, promoters, directors, lenders and any other key stakeholders. Apohan helps companies to have a harmonious and efficient board of directors with properly allocated, clearly delineated roles & responsibilities on one hand rights and rights & powers on the other. Apohan helps a company to have a professional mechanism to link the management awards & incentives with performance.

Financial Strategy:
Additionally, Apohan also provides advisory services for the preparation of a strategic financing plan such that the company would never suffer from financial crunch or distress or default or dissolution. This includes the formulation of financial objectives, financing strategy, capital structure, working capital management, financial contracts, financial models, budgets & plans, analysis of financial performance, cash-flow management, dividend policy, project finance, etc. Apohan acts as good as an in-house CFO of its client company.

Counselling for SME Leadership:
All these services of strategic financing plan advisory, corporate management plan advisory, and strategic business plan advisory are necessary to empower a company to avail as much capital as needed through merger and acquisition activity. Hence, they are complementary to M&A. They help increasing the probability of getting equity funding, getting it more & getting it at acceptable terms. M&A helps a company to propel growth through new projects, new markets, new facilities, new marketing set-up, exports, international presence, modernization, etc. It can also help a company to achieve financial turnaround from situations such as NPA, ARC, CIRP through IBC, liquidation, etc. Many a time, the decision making for corporate growth or financial turnaround is very complex. Hence, Apohan provides hourly counselling services to know the feasibility of solutions and action plans for financial problems or growth dreams of the SME businessmen.

All-round expertise:
Unlike most other M&A service providers, Apohan has in-house or outsourced expertise of all related professionals under a single roof be it chartered accountants, company secretaries, business lawyers, MBAs in strategy, MBAs in finance, MBAs in marketing, investment advisors, investment bankers, engineers from various disciplines, technocrats, valuation experts, resolution experts under IBC, deal brokers, sector experts, etc.

On seller side, we select client businesses such that:

  • They have financial & business ethics.
  • They have a great degree of technical competence, product knowledge, operational capability, market knowledge, business network & marketing skills.
  • There is a huge market demand for their products with extraordinary prospects of revenue growth.
  • They have minimum investment requirement of INR 10 crores (USD 1.25 Mn) & revenue of more than INR 25 crores (USD 3 Mn) as the rigorous M&A process is too rigorous for a scale below this.
  • The business is profitable & financially viable for all stakeholders if all necessary (equity) funding is made available.
  • The promoters should be ready be to take all the necessary funding required for a conclusive turnaround (or growth initiatives) with secondary consideration for retention of control.

Our business sellers are typically led by reputed technocrats, whose core strength, at the same time, isn’t strategic financing or corporate management. Apohan assists them in finding long-term strategic/financial equity investors for tapping the growth opportunities in the market or for a financial turnaround. Apohan presents these well-studied, low-risk, high-prospects business investment opportunities to the investors in India & across the globe with elaborate business documentation, contracts, financial models, etc addressing all reasonable concerns with respect to an unlisted private company of the prospective investors.

There are the following ways in which you can associate with Apohan:

             As a high potential or growing business needing equity funding for new projects, new products, new markets, other new growth initiatives, etc.

             As a financially distressed company, defaulting or loss-making company, an NPA, ARC, CIRP, etc account for equity finance for financial turnaround on profitability merit.

             As an aspiring professional business: For formulation of a long-term business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management plan to undertake big growth initiatives.

             As a financial services company, M&A professional firm, financial intermediary, business deal broker: For M&A related strategic, statutory & compliance work in collaboration with Apohan.

             As an individual/institutional strategic investor or financial investor interested in private companies:  For buyout/equity investment in well-screened, well-studied, well-documented well-represented private businesses.


You can get in touch with our Director, Strategy & BD – Shailesh Waghmare (WhatsApp – 9650013256, ).

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