Need & Role of Apohan

Every competent SME businessman has a fundamental right to grow into a big business! But he finds himself alone with this dream!!

No more!!!

Apohan is the unique consulting company in India that offers the SMEs sophisticated, end-to-end, and customized strategic financial advisory services including equity funding, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) which are traditional privileges of only large players.

We attack exactly all those critical, strategic problems of an SME business,  with specific stress on the challenging funding problem, that a technocrat businessman can not be expected to solve.

Condition of SME Business:

An SME Business business person manages too many types of business activities:

  • Corporate management: That includes managing the relationships with promoters, shareholders, directors, key lenders, strategic alliances, compliances, etc.
  • Technical & operational management: That requires handling project planning, project execution, procurement, operations, repair & maintenance, quality, marketing, business development, sales, distribution channel, R&D, etc.
  • Support: The department focus on operational aspect i.e. HR, administration, IT, finance, legal, etc.

These constitute approximately 30 different types of roles played by the SME management even if the set-up is very small. In an SME, all this work is done in absence of an adequate management staff skill and without the support of a well-documented policy framework.

Need for Apohan’s involvement:

This excess of work, lack time with the management & the highly unpredictable, dynamic business environment ultimately lead an SME business to two types of business situations:

  • Repayment Default To Lenders /Creditors :

Some or other kind of financial non-performance or default which may end up in a serious financial crisis, loss of control or even liquidation.

  • Stagnation:

Inability to grow with meagre internal cash accruals even if the market is growing at a huge rate; there are a plethora of opportunities; there is a high degree of technical competence with the company.

Why should the businesses run by highly competent technocrat & market-savvy entrepreneurs become stagnant, financially unattractive, loss-making or a liability?

This tells of the need for Apohan!!!

Apohan will either prevent this situation or will bring the business back to the normal state.

Apohan’s Role in the Life of a Business:

This is where Apohan’s role comes into the picture and help SMEs bring about changes like:

  • Equity funding for growth:

Apohan carries out end-to-end strategic equity funding services for a company to take up growth initiatives, new projects, etc to tap available growth opportunities in the market.

  • Financial turnaround:

Apohan carries out successful financial turnaround of the financially distressed company (NPA accounts, NCLT cases, SARFAESI cases, etc) by roping in equity investors if the business is intrinsically viable and the only problem is the availability of funds.

  • Business strategy:

Apohan carries out end-to-end consulting & implementation work for all strategic activities such as equity & contractual joint ventures, foreign direct investment (FDI), overseas direct investment (ODI), India entry strategy, succession planning, asset sale, slump sale, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), etc.

  • Financial performance:

Apohan improves the financial performance, ensures financial growth, financial stability & financial sustainability of companies through its comprehensive strategic financial services ranging from capital structuring to financing strategy to operational performance to dividend policy.

  • Corporate Management:

Apohan helps a business to have the proper legal format of business, proper constitutional documents, the structure of Board of Directors, corporate policies that will help to raise capital easily & create a harmonious, efficient management

The picture representation of SME business situation

The fundamental role of Apohan in a business:

need of M&A consultants

The roles carried out by SME businessman with a very small team:

roles functions and departments in a company

The reasons for financial distress & stagnation:

Financial Distress

Reasons for financial distress

The stressful life of an SME Businessman

Business life & personal life in dynamic business environment

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